Jason Sean Bay

Born in Los Angeles California, raised in Casper Wyoming. Being the son of a Structural Engineer, I grew up in this business. I worked in construction all through High School while stopping for a stent in the Marine Corps and then returning into the construction industry. I moved to Colorado in 2001 and started the most important years of my life! I have a wife, a beautiful daughter and a sheep dog. I enjoy Baseball (Go Red Sox) and shooting.
I have worked in the construction/Steel construction industry for close to 24 years. I started in the field, and worked my way up into Businesses Development, a District Manager for an industry leading Metal Building company: Chief Buildings and now am a Lead Estimator/Business Development role with Buildings By Design. I have been involved with constructing over $178 Million dollars, and close to $200 million in procuring work on the Business Development, and sales side. Construction is my passion. I attended the school of hard knocks, and payed a heck of a lot for my education…I intend on using it!