Pat Walter

I was born and raised in Brush, Colorado (Home of the Brush Beetdiggers!). It was in this rural community, on the Northeastern Plains of Colorado, that I was raised to believe in the ethics, morals, and principals that Travis and I have used to develop Buildings By Design’s core values.

I am surrounded by, and blessed with, a great family. I was fortunate enough to have worked with them, in the commercial construction industry, during a few of my high school summer vacations. This experience proved to be invaluable, as soon after high school I discovered that “higher” education was not for me.

I was given the chance to start a career in the commercial construction industry. I was afforded the opportunity to start at the bottom, to learn and develop, as my career advanced. This was the beginning of my professional journey, covering 11 years, that included hands on general labor for: excavation & grading, cast-in-place concrete work, metal building erection, conventional construction, and tenant finish. I eventually advanced to crew foreman, then on to superintendent, and finally to Operations Manager.

I capitalized on the experience and knowledge I had gained to establish, and operate, Elevations Laser Screeding (ELS). In 2004, after a successful venture with ELS, I was offered the opportunity to partner in Buildings By Design. I was blessed with this opportunity in 2004 and believe it is my responsibility to steward that blessing in my relationships with our customers and their projects.

Outside of Buildings By Design I love to spend time with my wife, Cynda, and 13-year-old son, Jonathan. I enjoy competing in athletics, volunteering for community activities and civic groups, and owning bulls while competing in the bucking bull industry (‘Diggers Bucking Bulls).